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In many rural villages, the quality of life is hampered by several significant constraints. These include a lack of access to education, inadequate medical treatment, insufficient sanitation facilities, limited employment opportunities, and poor food productivity. Addressing these issues is critical for improving living standards and fostering sustainable development in these communities. LAMTIB tackles these challenges by deploying innovative, container-based solutions that provide essential services and resources, aiming to create a positive impact and bridge the gap in underserved areas.

Converted standardised shipping containers allow for the delivery and functionality of relevant technologies and services to hard-to-reach, off-grid rural and coastal areas. The boxes are by design, climate resistant, adaptable and mobile; making them cost-effective and competitive to move and deploy. The modular solution allows for flexibility and scalability of technologies as the work on the ground evolves and the impact increases.

The LAMTIB Box solution can :

  • Quickly and effectively get on the ground.
    The container will also have real-time communication, telehealth options and the possibility of education options for the village.
  • Deploy necessary resources and implement required solutions for testing and training.
  • The container will also have real-time communication, telehealth options and the possibility of education options for the village.
Concept of LAMTIB Container

Overvieview of the solutions created by the LAMTIB foundation

Overvieview of the solutions created by the LAMTIB foundation

Our commitment to the UNGC & SDG's

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The LAMTIB Foundation supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the ten principles of the UN Global Compact with respect to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. With this commitment, we express our intent to support the Global Compact advancing these principles,  and will make a clear statement of this commitment to our stakeholders and the general public.


Clean Energy

Electricity is the first main pillar in LAMTIB, ensuring the availability of affordable and deployable renewable electricity, through solar energy, powering other leapfrogging technologies and modules.

In certain areas, small-scale wind turbines can be integrated with the solar box infrastructure. Through long-lasting, renewable energy solutions tailored for rural areas, we can secure the first vital step in creating a sustainable path out of poverty.

The portable power station – a photovoltaic hybrid solution that mainly uses solar panels to produce the bulk of needed electricity, backed up by wind turbines and emergency diesel generator or fuel cell equipment.

The all-in-one solution is designed for mobility, rapid deployment and durable operation.


Access to targeted and relevant ICT solutions make it possible for isolated rural areas to pursue effective and sustainable economic growth by leapfrogging technological ladders.

Global web real-time communication (WEB RTC), as provided by the disruptive communications company Temasys (a multinational group from Norway and Singapore), is key to help close the knowledge gap amplified by the digital divide between the rich and poor.

It further provides critical opportunities for development through solutions such as diagnostic tele- medicine, knowledge- and information sharing, online education and training, as well as through production solutions and distribution channels.


Health Care

The healthcare situation worldwide is strongly correlated with the level of income. Many remote rural areas are miles away from the nearest hospital or medical doctor.

With diagnostic telemedicine and communication technologies, one can contribute to treating patients using real-time WEB technologies. Challenges related to time, costs and distance are overcome, increasing the efficiency of intensive care and emergency aid. Refrigerated vaccines and most commonly needed medicines are also accessible.

Clean water and Sanitation

The LAMTIB initiative focuses on universal access to affordable and effective sanitation to foster development and reduce poverty, particularly in rural areas where the majority of the people without proper facilities live.

LAMTIB promotes local sanitation solutions, emphasizes the importance of short-distance access to clean water, and supports technologies for waste treatment and fertilizer reuse.

By ensuring clean water and efficient sanitation, LAMTIB aims to improve health, free up time for education and economic activities, and cater to the specific needs of each community, estimating a water requirement of 60/120liters per person per day for a typical village of 2500 inhabitants.

SDG 14

Life below water

The LAMTIB initiative aims to align with SDG 14  by deploying its innovative container-based solutions to support sustainable marine and coastal ecosystems. This involves utilizing their adaptable and mobile technology to enhance marine conservation efforts, promote sustainable fisheries, and improve the livelihoods of coastal communities through education and access to clean resources.

By focusing on scalable and flexible solutions, LAMTIB seeks to address the challenges faced by marine biodiversity and ensure the health and sustainability of our oceans.

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