Board Members

Ellen Aarvaag Groeneveld
Tom Preststulen
CEO; Anthropology, Solutions and Networking.
Kim Michelle Preststulen
COO; Management and execution
Erling Lind
ESG; Compliance and Ethics
Theodor Preststulen
Entrepeneur, innovative technologies

Pro Bono Advisors

Eduardo Gonzalez
ICT, Oceanography, innovative engineering and business development.
Sebastian Preststulen
Data analyst / AI-ML specialist.
Alan Lee
Managing Director of Gaia Mariculture and PhycoNor, specialist in marine biology and clean water technologies.
Eljar Øie Skjørholm
MSc Global Management, Startups, Marketing and PhycoNor implementation.
Ole Bent Rye
ICT / augmented collaboration, mergers and acquisitions.
Helga Aunemo
MSc Globalisation; renewable energy, extensive EU network.
Brage Håbrekke
IT & Operational solutions.
Vilde Bergan
MSc Globalisation; funding and small scale business development.
Lauren N Sorkin
Climate and Resilience specialist.‍
Ann - Mari Lillejord
Photovoltaic specialist and Camp LAMTIB executioner.
Nathaniel Currier
Specialist ICT, with focus on realtime human / digital integration.
Lars Bjertnaes
Agumented Collaboration Integrator
Eric Lee Yang Ming
Facility Manager in Malaysia
Jessel Ugbaniel
LAMTIB Champion, Santa Cruz
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