LAMTIB / Red Cross In the Philippines
Recent project

In response to the devastating typhoon in the Philippines, LAMTIB and Red Cross Philipines  launched an urgent relief project. The LAMTIB Red Cross project swiftly responded to the Philippine typhoon crisis, delivering vital aid through the micro-technopolis: WebRTC for communication, solar energy, satellite links, telemedicine, and educational support to rebuild and empower affected communities.

Picture of LAMTIB in the Philippines
SEM Project Coconut
Recent project

SEM project coconut was set out to empower off-grid rural communities in Myanmar, Project coconut harnesses the value of coconuts and utilises renewable energy systems to create a range of profitable and exportable coconut-based products. Clean energy-based agro-processing of raw coconuts. Products include coconut oils, milk, juice, flour, charcoal and beauty products. Create jobs and promote Myanmar’s export profile.

Picture of LAMTIB SEM
SEM Learning initiative
Recent project

The SEM Learning Initiative marked a chapter in the journey towards educational empowerment. The SEM Learning Initiative, set out with a clear purpose to open the world of learning to kids who had little access to education and to inspire local students to lead the charge. It was all about getting  adequate learning resources and  foster a culture of empowerment and inclusivity, ensuring that every child had the opportunity to learn and grow.

Picture of SEM Learning initiative
Johor River Project
Current project

PhycoNor's Johor River Project focuses on tropical marine aquaculture, where the goal is to cultivate tropical seaweed, portunid crab, and sea cucumber, while leveraging local staff expertise. The company practices "Regenerative Aquaculture" by releasing hatchery-bred juveniles into local habitats and re-harvests them with local fishermen's help. This open aquaculture model promotes the local fishery economy, benefiting both PhycoNor and the coastal communities in Johor Bahru.

Picture of Johor River Project
LAMTIB Talent Program
Current project

LAMTIB Talent Program is supporting Mavisoft in establishing a Filipino pool of expertise, starting with Cebu Technological University.

Picture of LAMTIB Talent Program

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